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flos & radix




2024年 4月29日(mon) - 5月4日(sat)   12:00 - 18:00 
会場:Maison Florist Greendays

ラテン語で〝 花 = flos / 根 = radix 〟を意味する【 flos&radix 】は植物のエネルギーを様々な手法で表現しているアーティストKAZUO KONNOによるアートワークです。
【 誰にも見せていない 美しい毒を隠して生きている人達へ 】をテーマに展開する作品は、物質としての永続性や共有の普遍的概念ではない、心の宇宙空間に存在する生命のエネルギーを植物という根源的な生命存在をモチーフにし表現しています。

flos & radix


"flos" means "flower" and "radix" means "root" in Latin. "Reminiscence" means "recall, remembrance, or memory". "Flos&Radix-Reminiscence" is an art piece by the plant artist KAZUO KONNO, who expresses the energy of plants using various techniques.
In modern society, people who strive to live purely often face contradictions. The various systems of society and the accompanying norms are constantly changing, and communities are becoming increasingly specialized. Despite feeling blocked by invisible walls in the chaotic flow of society, many secretly long for the liberation of their hearts.
This art piece explores the theme of "To those who are living with a beautiful poison that no one has seen," expressing the energy of life that exists in the inner universe of the mind, which is not a permanent material or a universal concept shared by all, through the motif of plants as a fundamental source of life.
The geometric forms are hand-drawn using ultra-fine pens and brushes for drafting, and the collection of works is called "Planetary Botanical Illustrations," which is also the name of the artist's Instagram account.